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We absolutely love receiving your personal requests to create a unique design just for you or a loved one.

But what do we love more than that? Hearing how pleased you are with your product! It's so great to receive such amazing feedback from customers, we just have to share it with you!

Dog Head Silouette

This lovely customer had already made some unique design orders as gifts for friends and then decided she wanted a picture made of her beautiful dog. I was sent several images and we settled on a lovely headshot that just looked so majestic once I had finished with it. I was given free reign on colour combinations and this was the final result!

Dog Head Silouette Commisiion_edited.jpg

Dog Silouette

Another of my more recent commissions included this fantastic doggy pose by a gorgeous vizsla. I had to be a bit creative with some areas as some parts weren't completely visible or outside the photo. I am really pleased with how this turned out and so was the customer.

Vizsla Pose Commission_edited_edited.png

Personalised Car Silouette

One of my very first commissions was this car silouette, in 2 different colours and with a personal message.

I have a selection of fonts so you can choose the one that suits you and in the colour you prefer.

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